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As a kid, I really enjoyed drawing my own superheroes, then writing stories of their adventures. This continued into school, where I would eventually study Journalism at Fordham University in NYC. Now, my writing background helps me interview stakeholders and users for the products I design. Below are some articles I've written about tech and design.Take a look at some of the problems I helped solve for the past few years. Below are projects that I held a role in shaping through research, visual design, and plenty of testing. Most of the time, I am an advocate for the double diamond design method. I love collaboration, brainstorming, and creating amazing things from brilliant ideas.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a career growth platform built for the fast changing world of work. I was lucky enough to be asked to speak about my own career path.

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UX Comeup

UX Come Up is a community for the next wave of UX professionals to find resources, connections, and strategic guidance for successfully transitioning into UX careers. During this even, I spoke about how to structure your own story to better position yourself for your career.

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IterateUX is a community for UX designers based mainly around the Vancouver area. They invited me to speak at a remote event regarding pivoting into a UX career.

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