Hi, I'm Jon.

I'm a UX Designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

I design cool stuff. Then I teach people what I know.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of my past projects and see how I solve problems and what learnings I take from these experiences.

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Education has always been a constant in my life. See how I've been involved in educating the next generation of designers.

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My time as a designer has allowed me to speak at some pretty great events. And I'm always looking for more events to be a part of.

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Writing has always been a way for me to gather my thoughts and process what I learned. See what I've written lately.

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If you're looking for more UI work that I have done, the best place to go check would be Behance. Feel free to browse there.

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Continuing with my appreciation for writing, I've started sharing my thoughts with the UXcalibur newsletter. I won't spam your inbox - I promise.

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