Hi, I'm Jon.

I‘m a UX Designer from Brooklyn, New York.

I design cool stuff. Then I teach people what I know.

What I Do

UX and Product Design

I do end-to-end web and mobile design, from research to visual implementation (UI) and testing.

UX Strategy

Whether it be through workshops or brainstorming sessions, I focus on helping a business create ideal experiences with their customers.

Teaching and Mentorship

My experience in the tech industry as a Designer and Developer is best served when it's passed on to the next wave of designers.

Some Recent Work

Pfizer Interactive Dashboard

Creating an interactive dashboard for doctors to better explain coverage to their patients.
Case Study

Epiq Platform as a Service

Creating a B2B application for financial companies to swiftly access detailed information about their customers’ bankruptcy history (password protected).
Case Study

Footprint Mobile Application

Creating a mobile application that combines the athletic activity of users with the corporate responsibility of brands.
Case Study

Design Systems with Thinkful

See how I played a role in designing Thinkful's online webinar about Design Systems and using Figma.
Case Study

Potter's House Design Strategy

I was part of a four-person design team that partnered with The Potter's House independent bookstore in Washington DC, finding new avenues to provide value to the community after the effects of Covid-19.
Case Study

Who I've Worked With

What They've Said

I met Jon as my student in the UX Backstage course where he exhibited high intrinsic motivation for human-centered design and great instincts for lean UX while leveraging his skills as an educator for effective communication.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon for over two years, during which we built the
webinar team to a roaring success. I am
impressed with Jon’s ability to help people
understand UX concepts, his positivity, and
willingness to go above and beyond sets him apart. Jon would be a true asset to put his extensive UX knowledge to use, mentoring others, and using his leadership to help a team reach its goals.
Jon is a super nice guy AND a talented designer. He’s great to work with because he listens to what you need, asks any questions, and then just jumps in and gets it done. I love how efficient and quick he was on our project.
Jon is creative, knows the right questions to ask, and thought of several key items I had not thought about. The end result was a much better app UI than we could have imagined. I highly recommend him — not only for his talent and the work he delivers, but the character he brings to the table.