Hi, I'm Jon.

I'm a UX Designer from Brooklyn, New York.

I design cool stuff, then teach people what I know.

What they've said

“I met Jon as my student in the UX Backstage course where he exhibited high intrinsic motivation for human-centered design and great instincts for lean UX while leveraging his skills as an educator for effective communication.”

Vanessa Colina

Product Designer & Founder UX Backstage

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon for over two years, during which we built the webinar team to a roaring success. I am impressed with Jon’s ability to help people understand UX concepts, his positivity, and willingness to go above and beyond sets him apart. Jon would be a true asset to put his extensive UX knowledge to use, mentoring others, and using his leadership to help a team reach its goals.”

Ivy Rueb

Webinar Experience Producer Thinkful UI/UX Designer

“Jon is a super nice guy AND a talented designer. He’s great to work with because he listens to what you need, asks any questions, and then just jumps in and gets it done. I love how efficient and quick he was on our project.”

Bobbie Wood

Founder & CEO UX Writers Collective

“Jon is creative, knows the right questions to ask, and thought of several key items I had not thought about. The end result was a much better app UI than we could have imagined. I highly recommend him — not only for his talent and the work he delivers, but the character he brings to the table.”

John Centofanti

Marketing Strategist & Founder Creative Stream Marketing