About Me

Hi there. I'm Jon. I'm a designer who has been involved in the New York technology scene for over a decade now. I eat and sleep design. Let's work together.

Story - Simplematic X Webflow template

My Tools


My design tool of choice, Figma, comes into play to create lo-fi and hi-fi mockups and animated prototypes.


For building websites emphasizing strong SEO and responsive design, I use Webflow.

Affinity Designer

When I am working on graphic design, Affinity Designer is my tool of choice.

My Process



In a process similar to the Double Diamond Design method, I begin by trying to understand the problem to be solved.



Once defined, I figure out the scope of the problem and what we can agree upon to be improved within a set timeframe.



In this step, I finally take out Figma and begin the process of creating mockups and prototypes.



After things are live, this is the perfect stage to look at data and figure out how to improve the site (and go back to step 1).

Talks and Workshops I Have Done

I love to wander around the world with my ultimate camera and take pictures of everything I see so I can pretend that I'm supercool guy even that I sit in front of my macbook 18 hours a day. Whatever.