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I'm a UX/UI Designer with a decade in New York City's tech scene. Before User Experience, I spent time teaching in the classroom, as well as working as a JavaScript Dev.

I am passionate about technology and education - especially where the two meet, having led the design for an early-stage education tech start-up.

My current project is working with a bankruptcy company to completely overhaul the UX strategy of their online platform.

Teaching is the thing I love to do more than anything. I've taught JavaScript at General Assembly, currently teach and mentor with the online program, Thinkful, where I create where I host several UX Webinars, and with the IDF, where I guide students through the UX curriculum.

Who I've Worked With

What they say

What They Say

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon for over two years, during which we built the webinar team to a roaring success. I am impressed with Jon’s ability to help people understand UX concepts, his positivity, and willingness to go above and beyond sets him apart. Jon would be a true asset to put his extensive UX knowledge to use, mentoring others, and using his leadership to help a team reach its goals.”
Ivy Rueb
Webinar Experience Producer