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I'm a UX/UI Designer with a decade in New York City's tech scene. Before User Experience, I spent time teaching in the classroom, as well as working as a JavaScript Dev.

I am passionate about technology and education - especially where the two meet, having led the design for an early-stage education tech start-up.

My current project is working with a bankruptcy company to completely overhaul the UX strategy of their online platform.

Teaching is the thing I love to do more than anything. I've taught JavaScript at General Assembly and written curricula for Texas A&M's UX Program. I currently teach and mentor with the online program, Thinkful, where I create where I host several UX Webinars, and with the IDF, where I guide students through the UX curriculum.

UXcalibur is the latest side project I have taken on to produce educational material for all UX learners. Follow on instagram for new updates and UX content.

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