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I'm available for short-term projects, speaking engagements, podcasts, or long-term mentorship arrangements. Feel free to schedule a call on Calendly or fill out the form below.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
Interested in working with me, but have some questions? See if I answered any below.
What services do you offer?

I offer design a variety of types of design for you and your company to succeed. I specialize in the UX of products and websites, but this may also include content and brand strategy, as well as graphic and UI design. On top of all that, I do 1-on-1 mentorship.

Okay, but how much will that cost?

Every ask is different, so I would recommend getting in touch with me so that we can properly set up a plan that works for all parties. Your time, as well as my time, is valuable, so figuring out how we both can benefit is what is important.

What is long-term mentorship?

I have mentored with a variety of platforms, such as ADPList, Thinkful, and Memorisely, but find it challenging to have a long-term mentorship relationship, especially when it's attached to a multi-week curriculum I didn't create. Because of this, I started crafting long-term plans for junior designers that I can walk them through how they want to advance in their careers. For more, reach out.

What's next for you?

Good question! I am currently enjoying my full-time role, as well as some of my side hustles. I am looking forward to expanding my role as design thought leader and doing a better job of being a voice who other designers can come to if they want to learn.