Case Studies

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Take a look at some of the problems I helped solve for the past few years. Below are projects that I held a role in shaping through research, visual design, and plenty of testing. Most of the time, I am an advocate for the double diamond design method. I love collaboration, brainstorming, and creating amazing things from brilliant ideas.

The Potter's House

Due to Covid-19, I joined a pro-bono project with three other designers to create a full UX Strategy for an independent bookstore in Washington DC.

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See how I played a role in creating content for an online webinar. I also frequently host this UX presentations with students.

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Here, I played the role of designer and front-end developer, building an online education web platform with a very small team.

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This was a short project where I came in to restructure a non-profit's website by way of site maps and research.

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